Day 201 – “It’s OK To Have Bad Days” Watercolor Greeting Card

Hello Yearlings!

On a recent trip to the craft store a palette of beautifully vibrant water colors caught my eye and I decided I had to have them. Sadly a pad of watercolor paper didn’t catch my eye so I’m just sort of making due with what I’ve already got so bear with me. I am also not really much of an artist, that title has always fallen to my mother who is a total natural, so making art in the classic sense has never been something I’ve pursued. These are all of the excuses for why I’m a terrible painter.

I have a love/hate relationship with greeting cards; I love that they exist, but hate to send them. I get really tired of all of the pictures of kittens so I rarely ever buy them, but I do really enjoy making them myself so my greeting card game is pretty strong. I bought the aforementioned water colors so that they could help me bring my greeting cards to the next level.

I know that it sort of looks like a child's painting but I think that it's cute.
I know that it sort of looks like a child’s painting but I think that it’s cute.


Paper, thicker the better




Sentimental phrase

I also think that the times that we send greeting cards are important. I made this one for a friend of mine that’s been having an incredibly crap go of everything. I think it’s important to let people know that it’s ok to have bad days or be sad or frustrated with things. Sentiments aren’t just prizes that you give to people when they reach a new life achievement. Plenty of people really need a boost during the bad times and that’s what this is.

I’m a big proponent of mental health and proper self care so making a nice little doodle for someone going through a hard time is really the least that I can do. For this greeting card I decided to use the imagery of clouds to signify tough times all the while the sun is still shining and the grass is still beautiful and green. On the inside I decided to write “It’s OK to have bad days!” It’s a reminder that no matter how cloudy the days get the sun is still there. Hopefully this adds a little bit of sunshine to her life.

Lots of Love,



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