Day 365 – Goodbye

Hello Yearlings!

Happy New Years Eve! It’s so crazy to think that exactly 365 days ago I was saying hello to the world at large; introducing myself to all of you for the first time ever. Since that day I’ve spoken to you for 365 days. That’s 365 projects, life events and stories that I’ve thought up just to share. I’m seriously surprised that I’ve managed to last this long. It took me a long time to get here to the end, and to think about what I wanted to say once it’s all said and done with, so I thought that I would keep it simple and just say thank you.

I wrote and re-wrote this farewell more than once and was never satisfied with anything I came to. Nothing seemed good enough, but the more detail I went into the sappier and less genuine it felt. I don’t need to go into detail of every single feeling I’ve ever felt, that would be ridiculous. Not to mention, I very much doubt that anyone really cares. I know that personally I would lose interest about five minutes in.

So thank you for sticking with me through my high’s and low’s, and for continually inspiring me as I went along. There’s nothing better than trying something new and getting a comment from someone telling me that they tried it, but in a different way. It really broadened my horizons and opened my mind up to the plethora of opportunities out there. I tried so many new and amazing things this year because I had the courage to do so.

I taught myself how to knit, code and embroider (sort of)! All of these things seemed so impossible until this year. I’ve learned the very valuable lesson that if you are willing to work towards something, and regularly screw up, then nothing is truly impossible. I’ve destroyed barriers for myself and made something out of my fears and inhibitions.

2015 was a truly great year for me. I can only hope that this is a view mirrored by my friends, family and readers as well. I greatly look forward to what ever it is that 2016 will bring me. I’m even thinking of starting a YouTube channel, since my mother is always complaining that she doesn’t get to see my face enough and refuses to figure out Face Time (hi mom!). I really don’t have a plan walking in to this next year, but I intend to keep up the momentum.

I hope to see you all in the coming year, and for many more after that. Thank you.

Lots of Love,



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