Day 364 – NYE Countdown Confetti Favors

Hello Yearlings!

I am so excited for New Years! Normally I’m not, but since I’ve been doing a year long project it marks a huge accomplishment for me. The one down side is that I know that I will still be sick whenever it rolls around so I’m probably going to just pass out way before the ball drops.

It’s also really great to have a few things on hand that are super simple to make but really create a festive atmosphere. Originally I was thinking that we needed to do confetti eggs, but then I thought better about the possibility of people being drunk and throwing confetti and eggshells all over the place. That is not something that I really feel like cleaning up.



Clear gift wrap

Tissue paper in gold, cream, silver and white

Heart paper punch

Gold embroidery floss

I actually have a whole list of things that I’m planning to put together for NYE. I love making goodie bags, especially when there’s a theme. I’m thinking I’ll also hand out Ring Pop’s with a little note thanking them for ‘RINGing’ in the new year with us. I really can’t resist a pun.

These tiny confetti favors are perfect because they’re small and unassuming but when you open them up and throw them you’ve got little hearts floating all over the place. I probably should have thought this through more. This is going to lead to so much mess and clean up. I’m not looking forward to that.

Lots of Love,



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