Day 55 – Crochet Cherry Bookmark

Hello Yearlings!

Today was another pretty bleak day, but this time I wasn’t actually snowed in which was lovely! I stumbled across this post and loved the idea of crochet cherries so much that I decided to use them to make myself a bookmark. This was incredibly easy to do, and if you’ve had any experience with crochet then it should be a total walk in the park.

As per the instructions make the cherries.
And the stem.
Sew everything together as best as you can.
This is where we deviate. Once you’ve sewn everything together go into the top of the cherry stem and make a slip stitch, ch1 to secure then chain 40 to make the bookmark.
Then just sew everything into place and decide what you want to go on the other end of the bookmark.


Crochet Thread (Size 10? I think), in red and green

3-3.25mm Crochet Hook, it just depends on what size you’re looking for your bookmark to be. I went bigger.

This was an incredibly easy project and you can actually change it up to your hearts content. I would recommend adding another row to the actual “bookmark” part to make it a little sturdier or maybe adding another set of cherries to the other side so that there’s a bit of weight there too. I added a button because I liked the aesthetic of it and I liked the amount of weight that it gave it. It’s a super cute little pop of color and a fun project for a dreary day.

Lots of Love,



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