Day 357 – Crochet Candy

Hello Yearlings!

My days have been spent in a rushed and wooly mess as of late. I’ve been rushing to finish up all of my last minute christmas decorations/gifts that can be made by hand without having to wait until after Christmas to give them. This is the problem with being a crafter: you actually get around to a proper gift giving holiday and you’ve completely run out of the time required to make your crafty gifts.

I actually eyed this pattern last year when Twinkie Chan made it, but I didn’t have the time to just sit down and make a garland for myself. So I told myself that this year I would at least make little crocheted candies and put them all over the tree. Also, when I make more I can make then in white and red and then they will fit in with our apparent candy cane theme. Though now I’m actually starting to think that perhaps our theme this Christmas is just candy, as none of us can seem to stop eating it.

You can find the pattern here.



Worsted weight yarn, preferable in bright and fantastic colors

Size I crochet hook

1 1/2 in styrofoam ball

These whip up crazy quick. If you’ve got a little bit of time to sit in front of the TV watching Netflix then you can make a whole garland of these in no time flat. They would also make insanely cute hair decorations. Just glue/sew an alligator clip onto the bottom and pop into your hair. I might just do that for myself.

Lots of Love,



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