Day 355 – Candy Cane Christmas Stocking

Hello Yearlings!

Unbeknownst to me our Christmas theme seems to have been decided without me. To be honest, Christmas just really isn’t my thing. I blame my years in retail for my extreme distaste of all things holiday related. If you’ve never worked retail, and thus can still find it in your cold and withered soul to actually like Christmas, then I greatly envy you.

I’m the literal grinch, so I never want to do anything Christmas-y around the house. Stobaugh, on the other hand, loves Christmas and decorated the whole house while I was at dinner yesterday. I came home to the house, literally, aglow with Christmas lights. The only decorations on the tree, at present, are the candy canes Stobaugh went out and bought. Also, side note here, I had no idea there were so many flavors of candy canes. Basically every candy company you can think of has made a candy cane in their particular flavor. I’m chowing down on a warheads candy cane as we speak.

I found the pattern for this here.



Red & White worsted weight yarn

Size 9 US knitting needles

One thing I will say is that this pattern doesn’t really give you a very good perspective of size whenever it comes to this project. My stocking came out way smaller than I thought it would. I sincerely thought that I had done something wrong. She also doesn’t really tell you what to use to get the same results that she does. I did my best to approximate, but I don’t think I did it right. If you’re looking for a bigger stocking then you might want to try using bulky sized yarn.

I actually made this as a small gift for Stobaugh, then immediately filled it with tiny bottles of booze and put it in his actual stocking. I think that he’s going to love it. I had originally hoped that it would replace his original stocking, but again, it came out way too small. I will say that this didn’t take me more than maybe a couple of hours, but I kept thinking that I was screwing it up somehow and going back. If I hadn’t done that this would have been an incredibly quick project.

Lots of Love,



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