Day 344 – 11th Doctor Bow tie Necklace

Hello Yearlings!

So I put it off and put it off and put it off for forever until finally I just gave in and started watching the eighth season of Doctor Who. I have openly said that I really don’t care for what Moffat did to one of my all time favorite shows, and Matt Smith is by no means my favorite doctor, but I figured that basically going two years without any Doctor Who was long enough. I needed my fix, so I figured I would give it another chance.

As it turns out Capaldi is the exact doctor that Moffat needed to be writing for from the beginning. Smith is a Davies doctor in a Moffat world, and if you aren’t a die hard Whovian and have no idea what I’m talking about then I pity you. I actually made this little necklace as a gift for April, one of my fellow Who fans. I always love to tell the story about the night that we met and how much I didn’t want to like her because she was the new girl in the group that had just started dating one of my friends, but then I looked down and saw that she had her name tattooed on her leg in Gallifreyan so we became instant friends.

Cut two rectangles out of your felt. One needs to be larger, about four inches long, and the other needs to be quite small as it will be for the band in the middle of the bow.
Glue all of your pieces into place and then add your necklace chain. I originally tried to glue mine on but it kept falling off (hence why it isn’t pictured), so I highly recommend sewing it on if you can.


Red felt



I had thought to do this as a hair clip, but I figured that would kill the lifespan of the gift entirely. This is a crazy easy gift to make and is totally perfect for any of the Whovians in your life, especially if they’re die hard Matt Smith fans. I actually used the chain from an existing necklace that I had lost the charm to, so that made this even easier. That’s probably cheating, but I don’t care.

Lots of Love,



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