Day 341 – How I Stay Inspired

Hello Yearlings!

It’s getting close to the end of the year now and there’s really not much time left for me to be taking on huge new projects or starting really anything at all. The whole last half of the year is basically cut off my holidays and spending time with family. So instead of a project today I thought it might be good to talk about staying inspired over a long period of time. Sure, there were plenty of projects that I did that weren’t particularly inspired, so much as I just wanted to see if I could do them and when I could I pretended to be impressed with myself. It happens.

Ironically, I had actually intended for one of my first ever projects for this blog to be an inspiration board. I had it all planned out and I knew how it was going to look and everything. Then, when it came down to it, I just didn’t much like the idea of an inspiration board as a first project. Then as time went on I just never got around to it. I wasn’t particularly “inspired”, as you might say. Also, my tastes kept changing, and not just season to season but also week to week. Being inside a mind with ADD is incredibly interesting, especially if you realize you have it.


The recipe for inspiration is actually quite simple: go out, live life, have new experiences and change your own perspective as often as you can. I find that the best way to do this is through reading books. Books, and literature, are my one true love; second only to adventure and this guy I’m seeing. Books can take you on adventures and help you see the world through the eyes of someone you would never even meet in real life. A good book is all the motivation you need to get up off of the couch and try something new with your life.

I recommend a steady diet of literature, graphic novels and cookbooks. Also, if you have the time, throw in a few biographies of amazing people. It’s always good to have something to aspire to. The mixture of reading about things that are impossible, and reading about things that have already been done builds a sort of pillow fort in your mind full of possibilities.  Sure you have to be in the right place at the right time to be the voice of a movement, but you can study one and use its tactics to really push your boss for that extra coffee maker.

Staying inspired is damn hard, and if you’re a creative type then not being inspired can make you positively cantankerous. Get out, life life; but remember that a copy of The Merchant of Venice is cheaper than a flight to Italy. Surround yourself by the things that make you feel light and hopeful, be that books, music, film or friends. The best way to stay inspired is to immerse yourself in inspiring things. It works for me.

Lots of Love,



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