Day 330 – Thanksgiving

Hello Yearlings!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is both one of my least and favorite holidays. It’s my favorite because it’s a holiday that’s basically dedicated to eating delicious food and it’s the one time a year I actually get to see the rest of my extended family. It’s one of my least favorites because of all of the horrible holiday traveling. Not to mention the small fact that it marks the beginning of the end of indigenous culture, but who wants to think about that when they’re watching the Cowboys lose.

This is where we spent our Thanksgiving

I feel like I’m really lucky because I’ve got a great family that wanted me to grow up educated so they didn’t spread the same horrible lies about our nations history that elementary school tried to shove down my throat. For us Thanksgivings is actually a time to be together and happy and thankful. We also don’t participate in Black Friday, which I think is what really saves our sanity. Not to mention that my family lives in the middle of the woods in Louisiana so there’s no cell phone signal. We actually spend our time together enjoying each others company¬†without the distraction of phones. It’s lovely.

For those of you that have never been to an American Thanksgiving celebration, I can tell you from my experience that you wake up ridiculously early to get on the road to see your family, only to get there just in time to eat what is the equivalent of a five course meal. Then you sit around and talk about the things you’re thankful for and catch up on all the things that have been happening since the last time that you saw them. Then, if you’re a bit more traditional, you tend to separate by gender and the men sit on the couch and watch football, while the women clean up and make up plates for everyone to take home. My family is not really that traditional, we’re also very matriarchal, so everyone pitches in for cooking and cleaning.

I’m not really sure what comes after that for normal families, but for me it’s immediately followed by a languorous walk in the woods to search for wildlife. There are deer, rabbits and birds all over the place out there. It’s good for my soul. Sadly this is the bit that usually gets cut short because once lunch is over we usually have to rush back home to avoid all the other psychos that also decided to make their holiday a day trip.

Minus having to drive back to Dallas in the rain the whole trip was actually great. I loved seeing my family, they were great. We had plenty of time to get there and get home and we weren’t rushed at all, which is a new feeling during the holiday season. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Lots of Love,



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