Day 311 – Rise of the Return of the Revenge of the Wedding: Sam & Kait

Hello Yearlings!

Today was possibly the biggest of big days for us; today was the day that Sam and Kait finally tied the knot. I say “finally”, but really they only got engaged in June (while we were in Italy) and planned their entire wedding in something like four and a half months. I was surprised by just what a huge part we all had to play in the nuptials. The families cook/served/set up/catered/cleaned everything and nobody else was brought in at all. On top of all of that Alex was in the wedding, naturally since it was his little brother getting married, so he was basically on the go from beginning to end.

I love the look on Sam’s face as he sees Kait walk down the aisle. It was an incredibly emotional ceremony and the tears were flowing on both sides of the aisle and stage.

This wedding was a true testament to human achievement. It was literally both families coming together, for the first time mind you, to get everything done in basically less than 24 hours. I don’t even know how it all got done, it was such a blur. But somehow we managed. There was a beautiful ceremony and then we were out of there at a rate that would have made gypsies blush. Seriously, we had this all on lockdown.

The venue was in the middle of nowhere but totally beautiful. I can see why they chose it.

I have enjoyed all the joy that weddings seem to bring the participants but I am so happy to be done with all of them. I was grateful that Sam and Kait seemed to be in such a rush to get done. Seriously, by the end of it all they were an hour ahead of schedule. I mentioned that they didn’t have any outside influence right? That includes a wedding planner. This was a 100% DIY wedding.

I’m hoping to get at least another full year in before I have another slew of weddings to show up at. I’m so over this. I just want to hibernate and send people gifts through amazon. Nobody else better fall in love and start planning to spend the rest of their lives together any time soon. I’m done.

Lots of Love,



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