Day 298 – Josey Records One Year Anniversary

Hello Yearlings!

This weekend was the one year celebration of the opening of Josey Records in Dallas and they had a huge to-do in celebration, at which one of our favorite local coffee roasters exhibited so of course we had to go and check it out. Yes, we literally attended an event because a coffee roaster we liked was going to be there. No, I’m not sorry. It was glorious and totally worth it. I’m just surprised that I could tear myself away from The Munsters long enough to go. It’s gotten bad guys, I think I need an intervention.

A rare moment of relative relaxation. The guy on the couch literally brought his own record player and spent the whole time sitting there listening to a huge stack of records to decide what he wanted to buy. It was insane. These vinyl snobs do not play around.
The coffee roasters we came to see, and all around cool guys.

This is going to sound a bit silly, but I was genuinely surprised by the fact that this place was an actual record store. Plenty of stores sell records, but keep their focus on more relevant media such as CD’s and the like. This place sells almost exclusively records and turntables or equipment. They have some CD’s and even tapes, but that’s clearly not their focus. This is a true “record store”. Some deeply hipster part of me was incredibly tickled by this and if I knew where my record player were I would have done some serious damage. It’s probably for the best that I don’t.

The real main attraction for us was Novel Coffee Roasters. As per usual the coffee was amazing and I picked up that light grey shirt they have displayed on the rightmost wall with the diver and kraken on it. I also apparently started a trend as both Alex and April then immediately bought one so there’s a very real chance that one day soon we will all be twinning it up in our identical shirts. There was also booze there, but that was less important to us than the coffee, obviously. I walked away from this event highly caffeinated, with two new bags of coffee beans to try. It’s a good day.

Lots of Love,



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