Day 297 – Patrick, Carly and The Wedding of Doom!

Hello Yearlings!

I was thinking more of a Indiana Jones theme would work for this wedding title. Originally it was “Revenge of the Wedding”, but I think I’ll save that for the next one so that I don’t get too many Star Wars references back to back. Seriously guys, so many weddings. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of stress of all of this. Dan and Traci had two weddings to attend within twenty-four hours of each other so I think they might win the wedded intensity award.

Today it was Patrick and Carly’s turn to enter the seeping void of wedded bliss. Their venue was stunning, albeit surprisingly hard to find. All of these gorgeous wedding venues are apparently out in the middle of nowhere and just have acres of space for all sorts of wedding activities. Turns out when you are that far out everything is some country road that isn’t clearly marked and has no memorable physical markers of any kind.

This is literally the only picture that I managed to get that wan’t too shaky or barbie pink.

Carly looked like a legitimate fairy tail princess, gigantic train and all. Patrick was positively elated the whole time and you could see him take a visibly deep breath once the ceremony was finally over. He is very clearly over the bloody moon about Carly and it is so precious. Honestly, we don’t know her that well, but if she makes Patrick happy then she’s good in my book.

They had an incredibly involved DJ, which I felt was really strange because I was under the impression that wedding DJ’s just played songs and introduced people. I don’t really know much about weddings, but by the end of this year I very well might be an expert. Anyhow, he made them play something called the “Newlywed Game”, which apparently involved shoes and rapid fire questioning, then he asked them a bunch of questions about each other and invited the parents up for their speeches. The only reason I really think any of this sunk in with me was because they wanted to get through all of these things before we were allowed to eat, so hungry Maya was ever vigilant of the socially acceptable moment to pounce on her prey.

There almost must have been over 100 people there, about two of which I actually knew. I got to make a lot of new friends, especially with the people sitting at the table with us. It was also by far the most interactive wedding I’ve ever been to. They made people select an emissary to give a toast to the couple before that table could get up and get food. Literally every five seconds it felt like there was something new that needed to be done and by the end of it all we were totally exhausted. I can only imagine how worn out the bride and groom must have been.

I think they had a good time though, which is the most important bit, and I wish them the very best of luck in their new life together.

Lots of Love,



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