Day 295 – “Skull Cap” Hat

Hello Yearlings!

I finally did it! I made a “faire isle” style knitting project! It’s happened, I’ve reached the pinnacle of all that I will ever be capable of as a knitting and I should quit while I’m ahead. No, not really; there’s always more to learn, I’m just feeling exceptionally accomplished for learning to do this in less than a day. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I might almost feel confident with it. I’m sure now that I’ve actually uttered those words I will never be able to do it again and I’m forever cursed but I don’t care, because I did it once and I’ve got the proof.

I also did a little bit of accidental “experimenting” as well. I bunched up the space between the skulls to make the hat, which is meant for adults, fit a particularly rambunctious five year old. Namely my niece, whose birthday is later this month, a couple of days before Halloween so there are a lot of Halloween themed things in her future. Why can’t my birthday be basically Halloween, instead of the middle of Summer? Man, my birthday suddenly seems so lame by comparison.

I found the pattern here.



Worsted weight yarn in black, white and orange

Size US9 knitting needles 14″ long

Stitch markers, they’re not necessary but I could see why you might feel more comfortable using them

This came out so ridiculously flipping cute, I can barely stand it. It did take a good amount of time so I don’t recommend doing it last minute like I did. I”m sure that if anyone can manage to make her sit still for long enough I might even get a picture of her in it. Make sure that you use the right size needles otherwise you will get the bunching that I got but not on purpose. Then you’ll feel like a fool.

Lots of Love,



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