Day 283 – Possum Kingdom Lake

Hello yearlings!

This weekend if going to be a bit of an excursion for us. We’re out here in Possum Kingdom Lake, a place where my phone gets no service but I somehow have wi-fi, at The Harbor staying for a weekend retreat with Alex’s family. Today has been totally jam-packed just full of stuff. We basically woke up, got out of bed and just kept going until it was time for bed again. I’m finding more and more that most of my vacations are this way but today was a lot of doing stuff I don’t normally do on any of my other vacations.

Alex’s first time on a horse. We had all literally just woken up too.

We actually started our day off with horseback riding. I don’t imagine that since the invention of the locomotive there have been many people who wake up first thing and think “Yeah, let’s go ride a horse,” but yesterday that was me. Alex had never been on a horse, being the through and through city boy that he is and Hannah (the one in the middle) had never been on a horse without a lead. I have been horseback riding a few times but that was basically ages ago and there was a lot to remember once I got back in the saddle again (see what I did there). My horses name was Freedom and he was a former Arabian racehorse so he had a lot of spirit and didn’t like being told what to do. We got along just famously considering how much we had in common.

Alex and Hannah actually did really well and had a good time which I was really worried about due to their lack of experience. I was worried they would get spooked or spook the horses into bolting, but thankfully this wasn’t the case. We got to see all of the surrounding areas too which were lovely. I didn’t realize, until we came out here, just how much of this area is actually real estate. Whenever I think of this area I think of camping not multi million dollar tax shelters.

Did I mention that the views in this area are quite beautiful in a “you almost have to be from Texas to understand how pretty this really is” way.

Then we went for a hike on the surrounding “nature trail”. Really it was just a small gravel trail that conveniently walked by all of the available properties on the premises for anyone that really wants to live way the hell out from anything resembling a city in a strangely Stepford environment. I don’t think I’ve seen a single woman over ninety pounds since I got here and everyone has exactly two children. On the upside everyone here is ridiculously friendly so if they’re keeping bodies in their basement I’m sure it’s at least a very beautifully furnished basement. I might have watched too many movies in my life. They make me suspicious.

As with all things, all the truly beautiful stuff is totally off limits. We came to the end of the “nature trail” and only then began to see some actual nature but the big imposing game warden sign kept us at bay. There are some pretty hefty fines for being found in places you’re not meant to be. Texas takes that sort of stuff very seriously. So, word to the wise, if you want to see that actual nature in the Possum Kingdom Lake area go camping in the national park because everything else, while beautiful, is also quite sterile in their definition of what qualifies as nature.

This is “Hell’s Gate”. It has an interesting story that I’m not sure I could do justice at all so I think you should all look it up.

Surprisingly my favorite part of todays adventures was actually our boat tour of the area. Most of the super awesome stuff to see out here isn’t really viewed from the confines of a resort, so getting out on the water was where we learned all the good stuff. Our boat captain/tour guide was a gentleman I will not soon forget. He absolutely LOVES what he does, where he lives and the act of getting to show it off to people every day. He knows every single nook and cranny of the area and if you see a rock he probably knows a story about it. He’s also incredibly passionate about preserving the area and the history of the place that he has lived all of his life and his passion carried over into his tour.

He told us the story about “Hell’s Gate” and about how Possum Kingdom Lake was actually a manmade lake formed in 1941 so at the time of the events of “Hell’s Gate” there would have been no water. He told us about the creatures that inhabit the area and the way he’s watched the landscape change since his childhood. He even told us a story about a particularly adventurous goat that somehow made its way both onto and off of a precarious cliff side. It’s lovely to meet someone who does the same thing every day and is still just crazy about it. He wanted to talk about the rocks and their formation and how many million of years of work it must have been to create something so beautiful and that made me care about it too. It was highly refreshing and exactly what I needed to feel invigorated.

It’s been a pretty good time out here, but I can’t wait to go home and sleep in my own bed and eat my own food. I’m so spoiled by what I already have that I feel bad for the people who have to compete. I’m also just insanely lucky and have a gorgeous man in my life that makes me delicious food and I want us to get back in our own kitchen so we can start experimenting with recipes again. I also want to take about an eighteen hour nap in hopes that that will head off all of the pain and exhaustion I know that I’m going to have in my legs from horseback riding and trail hiking. There are so many bubble baths in my future.

Lots of Love,



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