Day 277 – Tomb Sweet Tomb Sign

Hello Yearlings!

Here they come! The very first of the (many) Halloween decorations and crafts that will be consuming both me and my mind for the next few weeks. Have I mentioned my obsession with Halloween? I might have. If I found a genie’s lamp I wouldn’t wish for a million dollars, I would wish fore Halloween every day. I don’t care about Christmas, I don’t want presents; I want pumpkins.

I thought that I would start off small with something simple that I could place around any space that might need some Halloween character (which is everywhere my eyes can see as far as I’m concerned). Really, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. I had thought about making it in cross stitch, and I might go back and do that one day, but I’m still in recovery from my last cross stitch project so it might be some time.  I’m thinking I might turn this into an office decoration, I feel it’s apt.

Find a stencil in a font that you like and paint it in with whatever you have. I used a very dark drawing pencil because I was worried that the paints I had on hand might bleed through. Also be cognizant of the edges that you’re working with. You don’t want your sign to be so large it wont fit in the frame.
Then fit your paper to your frame and affix to the back with the glue of your choice and hang somewhere welcoming.


Heavy paper

Pen/pencil/paint depending on what you want to use



Black paint


I had this frame left over from whenever I made Disney villain silhouettes, which is auspicious because it worked out perfectly. I love the look of it because it makes me feel like I’m really channeling my inner Morticia Addams. The weather outside was perfect for the craft too because it was dreary and bleak.

I will say that if you choose to re-create this don’t go too overboard with embellishments or decorations; the simpler the look the better. When you’re working with small spaces it’s best to make sure you don’t overcrowd. It will lose its playful somber tone if you put bat stickers all over it, though if I had had more space to work with I might have added a skull or two. I like the small “floral” at the bottom though because it covers the fact that there was too much space there previously and it looks intentional.

Lots of Love,



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