Day 269 – The Greek Food Festival

Hello Yearlings!

I feel the need to let you all know that I did a 5k for charity first thing this morning because I’m a crazy person. Also, it was because my work was a sponsor for the event and I knew that only like nine people had actually volunteered to go so I thought I would show up to swell our numbers. According to some of my coworkers we were the only ones that actually did the whole 5k, most everyone else just did a 1k or 3k, so I felt pretty good about that. It was called “Warren’s Walk” and it was hosted by the Journey of Hope grief support center, which is a great local charity that provides counseling for grieving children in the area. It was a really great experience as all of the volunteers were very high-energy and incredibly thankful for us all being there.

After that we rushed home to get a delightful shower in, after all we had earned it, and headed straight to the one glorious place that would allow us to undo all of the good work that we had done for our bodies: the Greek Food Festival. We went for the first time last year but it was late and I think that they were closing up and out of a bunch of stuff so we didn’t get to have so much as half the experience that we had this year. I love Greek food, I love most foods if you haven’t noticed yet, so this was a ridiculously spectacular treat for me. My one complaint with this festival, as with the Texas State Fair, is that you have to purchase coupons to use as tender for your food purchases. I’ve never understood why places can’t just take cash, but I’m sure it’s a liability thing. That and they don’t want you to realize that you’re essentially spending seven dollars for something about can get for about two anywhere else.

The delicious Feta Bites.
The delicious Feta Bites.

The list of delicious things I tried goes thusly: Feta Bites (small balls of feta flash fried and served with a side of fig jam), Greek Fries (french fries with “Greek Seasoning” and tzatziki sauce), Spanikopita (layers of spinach and goat cheese encased in layers of buttered phyllo), Tiropita (Greek cheese pie, much like Spanikopita but only cheese) and Baklava Cheesecake (it’s exactly what it sounds like). Literally every single one of these things that I had was amazing. If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the Feta Bites though, they were just the most surprising. They weren’t too oily or overly fried and the jam was a perfect accompaniment to the delicious tangy feta inside.


Last year when we were there the church, where the event is held, was closed and we couldn’t go inside. This year it was open and so we made sure to check it out while we were there. I can honestly say that this is the first Greek Orthodox church that I’ve ever been in and it was stunningly beautiful. It doesn’t quite have the ancient qualities that many of the churches in Italy did, but for being stateside I would say that its beauty easily rivals that of any other church anywhere in the area. It’s almost on par with many of the smaller churches we saw in Italy, especially on the levels of art and intricacy. I was a little floored to find that some beautiful little jewel like this was located in Dallas Texas of all places. If you’re going to the festival the church is a must see.

Next we made our way to the “marketplace” which is really just a slightly bigger Earthbound store, in my opinion, but there were several individual merchants there looking to sell their crafty wares for not totally unreasonable prices. There was even a cute little jewelry stand that I bought absolutely nothing from, because I don’t wear jewelry. The marketplace is the one thing that I will say seemed better last year, but I think that’s because it had a lot more merchants last year. This year there seemed to just be one gigantic merchant and a few smaller ones; not to mention all of the stuff being sold directly by the festival or the church. Not much worth getting, but plenty of stuff worth looking at.

This is where the life-giving Greek Coffee is located, in case you were wondering.
This is where the life-giving Greek Coffee is located, in case you were wondering.

The festival is actually still going on tomorrow, so if you happen to be in the Dallas area and are just craving Greek food I highly recommend that you enrich your life by checking it out. Then when you’re about to leave and inevitably have an uneven number of tickets (for me it’s always 3 tickets and I don’t know how) then I recommend that you stop by the “Pastries and Coffee” tent and pick yourself up a Greek coffee (2 tickets) and a sesame cookie (1 ticket) and end your trip on a delicious high note. I would not even be remotely amiss in saying that our favorite part of this event is the Greek coffee and it was enough to bring us back for our second year, where we had about five of them.

I’ll be counting down the days until next year.

Lots of Love,



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