Day 268 – How to Add a Ball of Yarn

Hello Yearlings!

I’m finally working on something that could be considered a larger knit project and for the first time ever I’ve actually run out of yarn. This is an entirely new experience for me when it comes to knitting because all of my projects have been so small. I actually got a little nervous whenever I realized I was about to run out of yarn because I’ve never had to add yarn before, but it was a good chance to learn and I thought that I would share it with you guys.


When you are adding a new ball of yarn to your project you start off by taking both the strand you’ve previously been working with and your new strand of yarn and knitting two stitches. Then you drop off your previous yarn and work only with the new yarn. You then continue all the way down the row and when you come back on your next row you knit the double string stitches as if they were just regular stitches. You don’t need to do anything special, but I recommend doing this at the very edge of a project along the seam somewhere so that it will be less noticeable. If you do it smack dab in the middle it might look weird.

I’m sure that there are really any number of ways to add a new ball of yarn, or even change colors, but this is the one that I felt worked the best for what I was looking for. If you’re working on something with a pattern, and therefore constantly picking up and dropping colors, then there are far more efficient methods, but if you’re just adding a new ball of the same color then this will work just fine for you. Thankfully this bit was actually really easy to figure out. I put off trying to add a new ball of yarn for a while because I was worried that I would screw it up somehow, but no worries. It takes basically no time or skill at all, so it’s perfect for me!

Lots of Love,



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