Day 246 – Tang Yuan

Hello Yearlings!

I’ve wanted to make tang yuan ever since I saw a recipe for it in a Chinese cookbook like two years ago. I was always worried that it was a lot of work though, or required some skill I don’t have the way that most Asian food does. Thankfully these tasty treats don’t require any special tools or knowledge. The only thing that might be difficult to get your hands on is the glutinous rice flour, if you don’t live by an Asian market.

I adapted this recipe from the Dumpling Sisters. They’re adorable and I love them and their recipe is almost perfect, except that my dough needed more water and kept drying out so I had to keep water on hand. People are not kidding when they say that the dough needs to have an “earlobe” consistency.

Mix your water into your glutinous rice flour. You might need more water if your dough is too dry.
Break your dough into balls, roll out with lightly floured hands and add your filling. You want your dough to be thinner in the middle and thicker at the edges. As you can see my dough is still too dry and this was way too much filling, but I got it right after this. 
Once you get the dough/filling proportions right you close it up and roll them into perfect circles making sure not to break or dimple them.
Pour your coconut milk, sugar and water into a pan, stirring occasionally. Bring to a boil and drop in your dumplings. Cook until the dumplings begin to float and serve in a bowl with plenty of the sweet broth. 


125 g Glutinous rice flour

100 ml water

Peanut butter, I used super chunky

1 can coconut milk

3 cups Water

Sugar to taste

These things are crazy tasty; they occupy that strange space between mochi and a dumpling. They’ve got a really unexpected texture and flavor. Making these at home is also remarkably different from buying them at the Asian supermarket. I prefer the texture and taste of homemade, I also being able to control the amount of filling as well. The ones I bought from the grocery store were smaller, less chewy and had a lot more filling, which was almost soupy. These are so ridiculously easy to make it’s almost a shame to buy them.

Don’t forget to serve them in the coconut broth, because that part is almost as good as the glutinous rice balls themselves!


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