Day 243 – NY Day 3

Hello Yearlings!

Sadly, because today was the day that we actually left New York, we didn’t get to do much exploring before we needed to be on the plane. Today was also basically the only time that Alex and I had to explore the city together and there were still so much he hadn’t seen. I had originally planned to take him back to Chinatown and Little Italy, but I didn’t think the we would have time. So we decided to skip that in lieu of going to the park and tooling around for good coffee.

As part of the bridal party Alex actually had to go to the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park to take wedding party photos, so there were some things here he had already seen, but our hotel was clear on the other side of the park so he got to have a totally secondary view when he went back the second time. I actually wanted to find the place where the old men play chess and checkers in the park, but we got so caught up just walking around that we never made it there. Also, I don’t know if you guys know this, but the park is HUGE. I know that they say that it’s huge and it looks big in pictures, but it’s actually gigantic.


I think of Dallas as being a prettier, and greener, city than New York but even we have only relegated a few squares of greenery in the actual downtown area. There have been a lot of parts of New York that remind me a lot of my time spent in Italy, especially Rome, where there’s constant people and everyone seems like they’re trying to sell you stuff. Walking through the park I see a lot of that as well because of how many options there are for transportation through the park or how many spots you can stop and purchase a beverage. There’s this strange dichotomy of people enjoying a relaxing weekend afternoon, and people trying to make a living. I opted out of carriage rides and rickshaw buggies, partially because I like to walk, but mostly because out of all of the ways I might want to look like a tourist that is not want of them.

My greatest disappointment is that I didn’t have the time to go to any of the museums. I would have loved to go to all of them, but we just didn’t have the time. Dan, Traci and our other friend Josh all met up and went to a couple of museums early in the morning and we met up with them afterwards. They wanted us to meet them at a candy shop and we had to book it to get there in time because we didn’t know what the public transportation was like between where we were and where we were going. I feel as though I can say I’ve walked all of Manhattan after today, but that might just be my sore feet talking.

A pretty church we saw on the way back.
A pretty church we saw on the way back.

After we met up with our friends we opted to head back to the hotel and get on our merry way, because our flight was leaving at least an hour or so before everyone else’s, so we didn’t really get to hang in the city with them. Once we’d grabbed all of our luggage, and walked the five million miles back to the hotel, we elected to take an Uber to the airport, which actually got us there much faster than the taxi had. Seriously, I think Uber might be my favorite way to travel around New York. We actually met up with the grooms family at the airport and some of them were even on our flight!

I was really surprised by how much I loved New York, though I am happy to be home. I knew that I had always wanted to go, but I didn’t think that I would like it as much as I did. I figured it would be too many people, too much pollution and totally anxiety inducing, but I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back. I also feel like I understand a lot more cultural references now. I finally understand Regina Spektor songs!

Lots of Love,



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