Day 226 – Crochet Yoga Socks

Hello Yearlings!

I feel like it’s been a small eternity since I actually crocheted anything, and it probably has. I blame my new knitting fascination; getting moderately good at one yarn craft has caused my other to suffer and be neglected. In an attempt to right this grievous wrong, and because I’ve recently sort of picked up doing yoga daily, I decided to crochet a pattern I found for “yoga socks”. I’m not sure if people who do yoga regularly actually wear any kind of socks but these were cute and I wanted to make them so I figure why the heck not.

I found the pattern here and I didn’t want to step on any toes by copying it to my website.

*for the foot she says to 8 rows (6-14), but I only did 4 rows because I was worried they wouldn’t fit (6-10)



Yarn, the pattern calls for DK but I wanted to use cotton so I used worsted

Size I hook, your hook size depends on the size of your foot

These actually came out just a tad too big for me so I might give them away to someone that they would fit better, or who actually does proper yoga. My friend Jess actually left the yarn over at my place when she threw my birthday party because she’d been using it for decorations. It smells like soap. It’s so strange.

I think that if I were going to make these again I would make them a tad smaller and I would use a much brighter yarn. Just so long as it would wash is all that I care about. This pattern also called for a lot of stuff that I hadn’t done yet so there was a fair amount of crochet research being done, but if you have lots of experience with crochet then this should be easy. I’m just a super neurotic crazy person that wants everything to be perfect so I worry too much. Other than that these were super quick to make and I did it all in a matter of hours.

Lots of Love,



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