Day 218 – Circle Knitting is (Less) Hard (With Double Pointed Needles)

Hello Yearlings!

So as you might remember reading about, I have recently been trying my hand at knitting in the round, because I hate myself. I did not have a lot of luck with circular needles because I lacked a lot of the necessary knowledge going in and got easily frustrated and basically instantly wanted to give up forever. Luckily I  post about it on here and got so much advice and encouragement that I actually decided to stick it out and try a new method: double pointed needles.

Literally the day after I posted about my circular needle escapades I went out and bought a set of double pointed needles from the craft store. I then proceeded to do nothing with them for a few days other than perhaps stare at them like they lying in wait to steal my soul. Once I finally got around to actually picking them up and learning to use them I had a mini mental breakdown trying to figure out how to make all the pieces in play work together, like you do, and just did my best to take it very slow. I don’t care if you can do long division in your sleep, if you’re trying to balance a workload of yarn on four needles at the same time when you’ve never done it before you’re going to struggle a bit. The first step in double pointed needle knitting is realizing that that’s totally ok. It’s also ok to scream at the needles and throw them against a wall, but only once. After that you’ve got to pretend to be a rational adult.

My best advice with this technique, and really with most anything, is to keep undoing your work. I know that it sounds counter productive, but I would repeatedly cast on X number of stitches(usually 20 or so), situate everything the way it was suppose to be, try my hand at knitting a few rounds and then taking the needles out and undoing all my progress. After about two or three times of doing this I felt a lot more confident in my abilities and I really had a feel for how everything was suppose to flow. It’s kind of annoying and very time consuming but it does help you to understand the physics of everything and how it’s all suppose to work, so you’ll be a lot less confused in the long run.


I also learned that really most people prefer to start their circular knitting projects on circular needles, then move to double pointed needles whenever they’re finishing off. Personally this sounds like a lot more work to me and just a few too many techniques to keep in mind all at once. As we know, I’m lazy. I also feel a lot more comfortable working exclusively on double pointed needles because it’s a lot harder to get all turned around and screw everything up. That’s surprisingly easy to do on circular needles, at least for me. I know that I should still eventually go back to master circular needles, but I just really like this so much better and it makes me feel a lot less crazy.

I’ve felt so incredibly confident in my double pointed needle knitting ability that I’m even attempting to make a hat. Please disregard the idiocy of making a knitted hat in Texas in the middle of summer. I’m telling myself that I’ll he happy to have it come winter time. Hopefully by then, however, I’ll have mastered circular knitting in general and I’ll be totally overrun with warm knitted projects!

Lots of Love,



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