Day 216 – My 25th Year In Review

Hello Yearlings!

I can go ahead and tell you that there is nothing crafty or exciting for you to view here today, because today is my twenty-sixth birthday. I had spent all day trying to think of a single thing that I thought would really encapsulate all that was great about my twenty-fifth year of life and I just couldn’t do it. I kept coming up empty handed, which was sad because I feel like it’s been a very good year. Not being able to think of anything was incredibly disappointing to me. That was, until I realized that the reason I couldn’t pick one thing is because there are too many things. There have been too many great and amazing things that have happened in the past year for me to be satisfied with tacking all of their importance onto one small craft.

So instead I thought that I would just talk a bit about my time as a twenty-five year old. I had a lot of hopes and aspirations for this year and looking back I can honestly say that basically all of them came to fruition. Sure there were things I would have loved to have happened easier, sooner or in a much more extravagant way, but it all got done. My twenty-fifth year was actually amazing for me. I visited another country, on another continent, I finished all the necessary paperwork to actually get a physical copy of my diploma, I got a fantastic job at a place where people believe in me and actually created a specific position just for me based entirely off of my talents and I took a long hard look at my life and worked my ass of to change the things that needed to be changed. Not to mention that I started a year long project that I’ve enjoyed and maintained with a lot of help from all of you lovely people.

Sure, a lot of that stuff was a long time coming and really needed a lot of groundwork, but this has been the first year in my life where I’ve actually been able to look back and see all of my progress without having to feel like it was hopelessly all for naught. It always feels like everything is such a mixed bag that I’m not always sure that the good was worth the bad. That just isn’t the case with this past year. It’s good to just have an out and out great year. Sure there were bad things, things that made me sad and things that hurt, but those things helped me to better appreciate the good in my life and the goals that I was working towards. I lived my twenty-fifth year without fear and was all that much happier for it.

For possibly the first time ever I’m actually really excited to see how much more amazing my life can get because I know that I can achieve whatever goals I set in front of myself. Hell, I’ve already achieved 215 of them with this blog alone. 216 if you’re counting today. Working on this blog has really helped me to see that everything about life is just a matter of believing that you can do it. I never thought I would learn coding or knitting because they always seemed like such unconquerable mountains, but once I made up my mind that I would learn them it was just a matter of continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Not everything is that easy and plenty of things require you to take roughly a million steps back before you can even get to square one, but you will get there. It’s hard to learn new things; it’s harder to live in the world when you aren’t willing to learn anything.

Hope this wasn’t too boring for you guys, I just wanted to share some positivity and love. Tomorrow will be a return to your regularly scheduled crafty programming, I promise!

Lots of Love,



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