Day 212 – Jess’ Friendaversary Gift

Hello Yearlings!

Today is an auspicious day for me, it is the day that I met my dear friend Jess exactly two years go at a Goo Goo Dolls/Matchbox 20 concert. Don’t judge us, it was Stobaugh’s idea. He wanted me to meet this new friend of his who he’d been spending all of his time with. I was fully prepared to hate her instantly and had basically made up my mind that I was going to be mean to her for stealing my best friend away from me. That was until we met. Right off the bat I liked her, despite myself, because she was smart, witty and rolled with all of my quirky punches. We got on so well in fact that Stobaugh basically got left in the dust while we spent the whole night talking and we’ve continued on like that since. Her first words to me were: “I was going to put on makeup, but I decided to eat a cupcake instead.” It was fate.

Honestly I don’t think that I would know when our first meeting was if I hadn’t carried that ticked around in my purse for almost a year, then found it when I was cleaning out my purse. Our first friendaversary was sort of an “Oh hey, this is a cool thing” moment, so this year I wanted to do it right. Hence the super involved story and the super cool gift that I put together for her. Sadly I don’t have basically any pictures of me actually making it because it didn’t occur to me to take pictures, but I do have pictures of the decoration, which is the most important part.

Isn't it super manly and Ron Swanson-esque?
Isn’t it super manly and Ron Swanson-esque?


1 wooden box, I picked this one up at a liquor store and it even has little bracket things inside for storing wine

Corrugated paper, brown

Sandpaper, for sanding down all the rough bits of your box if you have any

1 Woodford Reseve

1 highball glass, I etched her nickname, ‘Jesusica’, onto it as well but that didn’t photograph particularly well

Bourbon is Jess’ drink of choice and Woodford Reserve is her favorite, so of course I had to throw a bottle of that into it. I also really wanted it to have a sort of rustic Ron Swanson look to it (because Jess is my Ann Perkins and Ron Swanson all rolled into one), hence all the wood and neutrals. She also lives in a house with a lot of other people, and hates it, so I made sure that this would serve exactly one without her having to share with anyone. Like I said, Ron Swanson. Hopefully this tickles her tiny, reclusive, bourbon-sippin’ heart.

Lots of Love,



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