Day 211 – Bubblegum and Strawberry Infused Alcohols

Hello Yearlings!

So my birthday is coming up soon and there is going to be a birthday party, that I know nothing about because it’s totally a surprise. I decided to infuse some alcohols for the party, that I don’t know is happening. Mostly it’s just a really cool excuse for us to make some awesome infused liquors. I’m also super freaking excited for my nonexistent party at its undisclosed location.

Place whatever you're infusing the alcohol with into your mason jar, then cover with alcohol of choice.
Place whatever you’re infusing the alcohol with into your mason jar, then cover with alcohol of choice.

For the bubblegum vodka infusion:

2 oz (roughly 8-10 pieces of Bazooka or Dubble Bubble) gum
8 oz inexpensive vodka (not the $5/gallon swill, but not the pricey stuff either).  It’ll improve with the addition of flavors
Place in a mason jar, shaking every 6-8 hours, for about 24-36 hours.  It’ll pick up quite a bit of flavor in that time.
For the Strawberry Rum:
8 oz (hulled and washed) strawberries
8 oz silver or gold (not spiced) rum
Place in a mason jar, shaking lightly every 8-12 hours, for about 3-5 days.
The general rule of thumb is:
stronger flavors=less infusing time, smaller amounts
milder flavors=longer infusing time, larger amounts
For candy or herbs, I usually prefer a 1:4 or 1:3 ratio of flavor to spirit, depending on how prominent you want the flavor.  Remember, you can always infuse more flavor, but you can’t take it out!  For more delicate flavors, infuse 5-7 days.  For stronger flavors, 36 hours should give you good results.
For fruit infusions, things get a bit more tricky, but here are some guidelines:
-Try and go with fruits that have a lower water content.  Apples, pears, and melons have great flavor, but the higher water content will dilute your spirit, and you’ll have to use more fruit to get a stronger flavor.
-Stone fruits (cherries, peaches, apricots, etc) make fantastic additions, but make sure to remove the pits before you place them in your spirit!  Fruit pits can contain chemicals that are alcohol-soluble and make you sick.  For these fruits, cut in half and remove the pit, then infuse as normal.
-Berries are simple and easy.  Just make sure to chop them coarsely (I cut strawberries in quarters, and blackberries in half), as it will add a bit more juice, and allow the booze to soak through.
-Fruit infusions should be added in anywhere from a 1:1 (by weight) ratio, to a 1:2 fruit to spirit ratio.  Chop coarsely, and strain when finished infusing.
I really can’t wait to give these a try. I’ll be sure to post cocktails for you guys when these are done infusing! My party is on Saturday so these should all be done by then. I mean, what party? I don’t know anything about a party! Who said party? Please don’t be angry at me Jess. I love you.
Lots of Love,

7 thoughts on “Day 211 – Bubblegum and Strawberry Infused Alcohols

      1. Me too, I’ve never heard of it going wrong from people I know, but there have been stories floating around online of them exploding in the dishwasher or people not screwing on the caps properly and rock sweets clogging pipes and things. I would love to try the jelly baby one, I keep meaning to but never get around to it as the only thing I really drink is white wine!


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