Day 175 – Box Torture: A Haiku About Planes

Hello Yearlings!

I don’t understand how time works any longer. I woke up and it was Monday, then I got on a plan and lost seven hours and it became “Tuesday”, for whatever that’s worth. Twelve hour plane rides do terrible things to your mind. I cannot recommend them to anyone that isn’t a politician, because politicians deserve this kind of torture.

In light of this I’ve written you a haiku about air travel.

Box Torture

Can’t lean back or sleep

Been stuck here now for ages

I hate everything

Griping aside if a cramped sleepless airplane ride is the worst thing that happens I think I’ll be good. We flew over the Alps on our way into Rome and it was a total dream. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful before, but I’ve only just gotten here so I’m prepared to be wowed. It’s strange to think that I’m technically a quarter of the way round the world. I’ve just thought of another haiku for you guys about all the sleep that I’m going to get.

Jet leg setting in

Eyes barely staying open

Herp derp derp derp sleep

Ok that one was arguably less imaginative, but I think you get the general feel of my plight. There is so much sleep in my future. So. Much. Sleep.

Lots of Love,



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