Day 171 – Knit Coffee Cup Cozy

Hello Yearlings!

So one of my first ever posts in this blog was a crocheted coffee cup cozy that I had made. It wasn’t anything special, but it looked kind of cool and I felt pretty accomplished for being able to get it done. It’s the little things, am I right?

Naturally when I learned to knit one of my first plans was to recreate it, using a different stitch obviously, but the same yarn. I wanted to see what the difference would look like. It’s a stark contrast and I had a lot of very different problems that I did whenever I was crocheting it the first time around. I also attempted to learn to knit using the left hand to hold my yarn because it’s suppose to be faster. It was not faster for me, however, because I had no idea how to do it and I’m not naturally inclined to use my left hand for anything at all. Because of that I feel like it came out a lot messier than it should have, but I kind of like that about it. It’s a great marker for the knitting adventure I feel like I’ve been on.


Cast on 40 stitches, I used the long tail cast on because it’s what I know

Row 1) *K 1, P 1* ,repeat **  across then repeat for two inches

I was giving this to my coworker so all I have is a crappy phone picture of it I took in my cube.
I was giving this to my coworker so all I have is a crappy phone picture of it I took in my cube.


Size 7 knitting needles

Worsted weight cotton yarn, you can literally use whatever worsted weight you want but I like this one

This is an incredibly easy pattern and if I hadn’t been trying to outdo myself it would’ve probably been a lot simpler. I eventually gave up on learning to hold my yarn left handed and just went about the “slow” way that I actually feel comfortable with. Not surprisingly that caused me to speed up my work a lot and I got this done in no time. I also had the delicious crooning melodies of Regina Spektor to carry me through so it was a pretty good time all around.

I actually made this as a gift for one of my coworkers, to thank her for bringing her espresso machine to work so that we didn’t have to continue to walk over to Starbucks on my rare coffee drinking work days every time I needed my fix. It’s going to be a problem, I can already tell.

Lots of Love,



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