Day 167 – Sailor Moon Luna P Ball

Hello Yearlings!

I love Sailor Moon. There might have been a time in my life when I did not love Sailor Moon, but that time was before I was born and the Big Bang had yet to happen. Seriously, it’s just one of those things that is so deeply ingrained in me from childhood that there’s no other way for me to think about it. I also wanted to make a toy for my niece, all the while introducing her to Sailor Moon.

The pattern for the sphere I found here, but everything else I just sort of had to free form and make work myself. I used the 30 Row Sphere pattern, which I’ve posted down below. The ear pattern I used is based on a scaled down version of the HK headband ears.


*You can use whatever size hook you want to give you the size you want

Row 1) Ch 2. 6 Sc in second Ch from hook. (6)

Row 2) inc in each stitch around. (12)

Row 3) (1, inc) repeat () around (18)

Row 4) 1, inc, 2, inc, 3, inc, 2, inc, 3, inc, 2 (23)

Row 5) 1, inc, 3, inc, 3, inc, 3, inc, 3, inc, 3, inc, 1 (29)

Row 6) 4, inc, 5, inc, 5, inc, 5, inc, 5, inc (34)

Row 7) 4, inc, 5, inc, 6, inc, 6, inc, 6, inc , 2 (39)

Row 8) 6, inc, 8, inc, 9, inc, 9, inc, 3 (43)

Row 9) 3, inc, 9, inc, 10, inc, 10, inc, 7 (47)

Row 10) 6, inc, 14, inc, 15, inc, 9 (50)

Row 11) 9, inc, 15, inc, 16, inc, 7 (53)

Row 12) 5, inc, 16, inc, 17, inc, 12 (56)

Row 13) 12, inc, 27, inc, 15 (58)

Row 14) 17, inc, 40 (59)

Row 15-17) even (59)

Row 18) 40, dec, 17 (58)

Row 19) 15, dec, 27, dec, 12 (56)

Row 20) 12, dec, 17, dec, 16, dec, 5 (53)

Row 21) 7, dec, 16, dec, 15, dec, 9 (50)

Row 22) 9, dec, 15, dec, 14, dec, 6 (47)

Row 23) 7, dec, 10, dec, 10, dec, 9, dec, 3 (43)

Row 24) 3, dec, 9, dec, 9, dec, 8, dec, 6 (39)

Row 25) 2, dec, 6, dec, 6, dec, 6, dec, 5, dec, 4 (34)

Row 26) dec, 5, dec, 5, dec, 5, dec, 5, dec, 4 (29)

Row 27) 1, dec, 3, dec, 3, dec, 3, dec, 3, dec, 3, dec, 1 (23)

Row 28) 2, dec, 3, dec, 2, dec, 3, dec, 2, dec, 1 (18)

Row 29) (dec, 1) repeat () around (12) *Fill your sphere with fiberfill

Row 30) 4 scdec. Fasten off. Weave loose end through each stitch in the opening. Pull tightly to close.

Ears (make 2): 

Using black yarn and a size E hook ch 9 leaving a long tail to sew to head later

Row 1) Hdc in second ch from hook and all across (8)

Row 2) ch 1, turn, 3 hdc, hdc2tog, 3 hdc (7)

Row 3) ch 1, turn, 2 hdc, 2 hdc2tog, 1 hdc (5)

Row 4) ch 1, turn, hdc, 2 hdc2tog,  hdc (4)

Row 5) ch 1, turn, 2 hdc2tog (2)

Row 6) ch 1, turn, 2 hdc2tog (1) Fasten off and weave in ends

*Repeat this process in pink with a slightly smaller hook if you would like, that would make it look more authentic to the Luna P ball in the anime and you can sew it to the inside of the ear so the black will overshadow it a bit and give it a black border.


Using white yarn and a F hook (I believe, but you should probably make them a bit smaller) ch 5

Row 1) Dc in second ch from the hook and continue across (4)

Row 2) Ch 2, 2 dc in each stitch across (8) break off and leave a long tail to sew to head


Using a size F crochet hook make a magic circle with your blue crochet thread and dc into it 10 times. Break off leaving a long tail to sew onto the eye.

Crescent Moon: 

I followed this pattern for the crescent moon, but I cut it by half (starting with ch 6 instead of ch 12) and used yellow embroidery thread. I used a size D crochet hook, but you can use smaller if you prefer.


Sew your irises as close to the middle of your eyes as you can get, then sew them to the head. Sew the ears to the top of the sphere, assuming that you aren’t making the pink interior, otherwise sew those together first and then sew them to the head. Sew on the mouth and the crescent moon shape and you’re done.

*I tried adding the mouth that they have on the show but no matter what I did it made it look like a weird voodoo doll, so I skipped it all together.

It's going to be a bath toy so I figured it should look as zany as possible.
It’s going to be a bath toy so I figured it should look as zany as possible.


Size D, I, F crochet hooks

Worsted weight yarn, in black and white

Blue crochet thread (about size 2 or so)

Yellow embroidery thread


Yarn and embroidery needle, to sew everything in and finish it off

This is by far the most involved thing I’ve ever attempted to crochet, especially as far as amigurumi is concerned. I’ve never used this many hooks or colors of yarn and it was a lot to keep track of. Personally if I made it again I would probably try to do more with less and get a more uniform look. I feel like there’s a lot more variety to the shapes than there needs to be. It’s also very difficult to translate an idea like the Luna Ball to crochet. Spheres in general are just hard to work with and I bow down to the skill of those that manage to make those perfectly round crocheted goodies. I aspire to be you.

That being said this came out hella cute and was actually really easy for me to make, I just had to keep track of how I did everything and that was the annoying part. Be sure to tell me if you find any major flaws, as I’ve only made the one so far. Hopefully this in some small way satiates the Sailor Moon lover in all of you as well.

I’m just sitting here pretending to be a normal functioning adult by daylight, crocheting super kawaii goodies by moonlight.

Lots of Love,



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