Day 156 – Hufflepuff Finished!

Hello Yearlings!

As you might remember I’ve been working on a cross stitch project for some time now for Stobaugh. I have put so much manpower into this project, however, that I genuinely think that I might not actually give it to him. I would be too worried about him using it, and I think I know for sure now that I will not be making a towel for every house. Sorry if you guys were looking forward to that, but after this there is no way that is happening.

You can find this pattern here.

Enjoy being an only child you beautiful bastard you, cause I ain't making any more!
Enjoy being an only child you beautiful bastard you, cause I ain’t making any more!


Aida towel, or just aida fabric if you prefer

Embroidery hoop

Embroidery floss in black, dark grey, silver, white, parchment and yellow

Embroidery needle

*If you would actually like to use this as a towel then I highly recommend finding some sort of backing that you can iron on to cover up your stitches, otherwise they will probably come loose and begin to unravel and that would be no bueno.

Guys, let me tell you, even when crafting is a huge part of your life and you do it every day, there are still projects that just wear you out either with their complexity or the woman hours required. There is literally nothing hard about this project, other than the fact that I’m an idiot and thought that I could do a project that required almost 24 hours to do on a daily craft blog. Luckily I’ve had down time or this never would have gotten done. It actually got so monotonous that I did other things in between when I first posted about this and today, because I needed a break!

So if you every get swamped on a project and find yourself having to take a break, even if you’ve got a deadline, just remember to take a moment and give yourself a breather. It’s worth it in the end. And if anyone asks you why it’s taking you so long just punch them in their stupid little face and inform them that they don’t know your life.

Lots of Love,



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