Day 148 – Fruity Rooster

Hello Yearlings!

I have a delicious, and super Summer-y cocktail for you guys today. I will warn you though, if you aren’t a fan of fruity cocktails then this is not for you. I would actually love giving this one a try again with my own infused alcohols. I think that would really take the drink to the next level. There’s an egg white in this recipe and you use the dry shake technique to get the proper texture.

Allow your banana to sit in your pineapple vodka and meld for a bit to get a better fruit flavor. Then just add everything into a chilled cocktail shaker, shake, strain and serve. 


1.5 oz Pineapple Vodka

1/2 Banana

Dash orange bitters

1 egg white

It took me forever to place to taste of this cocktail until Alex mentioned it, but it tastes exactly like banana Laffy Taffy, only without that horrible artificial flavor. I’m going to have to make this in batches the next time that my friends come over, because I can easily see this becoming a hit. I guess I should just go ahead and invest in a bunch of tacky glasses that look like tiki torches and get it over with.

Lots of Love,



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