Day 93 – Ladies Night Cocktails

Hello Yearlings!

Happy Good Friday and first day of Passover! I hope this week wasn’t as impossibly slow for you as it was for my. I swear it was Monday for three days. For me, nothing means Friday quite like a delicious cocktail and in celebration of the birth of my dear friend April (whose birthday was technically yesterday, but who cares it’s Friday) I decided to make some ‘Ladies Night’ cocktails.

April is part of my elite group of ladies that come over every week and have dinner or dessert. She’s one of the few brave souls that has chosen to put themselves in the direct sights of my culinary fire. I always try out all of my budding recipes on them, so basically all they really do is come to my house and eat my food, but I love them. I also really wanted to try out the “dry shake” technique and use an egg white in a drink recipe.

“Dry Shake” is basically a technique used for mixing the cocktail without incorporating the ice. You place all of your ingredients into the chilled shaker, sans ice, and then you shake it for a good ten seconds. This helps to create the desired foamy texture that you’re seeking in say, a Pink Lady, and it helps to give you that rich creamy texture.


Pink Lady:

 1.5 oz Gin

1/4 oz Peach Schnapps

1/4 oz cognac

1/8 oz Grenadine

1.5 oz Lemon juice

1 egg white

(You can also substitute 1/2 oz Cointreau for the Peach Schnapps and Cognac, I just didn’t have that spirit available)


White Lady:

2 oz Gin

3/4 oz Lemon juice

1/2 oz Triple Sec/cognac mix or Cointreau

Both of these ladies turned out beautifully, and as I’d never had either before I was really surprised by just how much I liked them. The egg white gives the Pink Lady excellent body and mouth feel, while the White Lady is bright and fresh without any hint of the usually overpowering botanical’s of the gin. I usually find that I cannot drink most gin cocktails because there proportions are so out of whack, but these are so well balanced I can only taste the well married flavors and not singular ingredients.

Lots of Love,



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