Day 82 – Button Up Cowl

Hello Yearlings!

Due to the rather horribly disrupted circumstances in my home I was in full stress-craft mode. I managed to crochet myself an entire cowl in one day, and that includes learning a new stitch. Seriously, it’s been insane in my house with all the maintenance people coming and going to clean up the water heater mess. Luckily I stumbled upon this pattern and it gave me something to do during my day.

This came out super cute, but I had so much trouble photographing the color.
This stitch was super easy to learn. This picture is actually much more close to the true color of the yarn, but only barely.


Worsted Weight Yarn

Size J crochet hook

I ran into a few problems with this pattern, because if you go strictly by the directions it actually comes out to half what it is in the photo’s. Needless to say, mine came out really small, so I’m thinking of gifting it to someone else. I didn’t have any buttons that would fit with the color or theme of this cowl, so needless to say I didn’t sew any on. Other than that, and my incredibly sore hands, everything came out great.

Lots of Love,



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