Day 79 – Cable Stitch Crochet Headband

Hello Yearlings!

Happy first day of Spring! Yesterday’s adventures in stash busting inspired me to make a headband with a new stitch that I learned. It’s a cable stitch, which you usually find in knitting but can simulate in crochet pretty easily, as I’ve just learned. This is a great resource on this stitch, and I adapted her basic stitch pattern to fit my needs here.

Figure out how long it needs to be o go around your head comfortably, in an increment of 12 (8+4). For me that was 72 stitches, but it might be more or less for you.

This yarn color was actually really hard to photograph because it’s a sage color with beautiful blue undertones, but in certain lights it just looks blue.
This photo is much more true to the color of the yarn. You can also see what it looks like on, and I can tell you from experience that it’s very comfortable to wear. Not too tight or too lose.


Worsted weight yarn in whatever color you wish, I used Caron Super Soft in Sage

Size I crochet hook

For the headband:

Chain 73, single crochet (sc) in second chain from the hook and all the way across (72 stitches)

Row1: ch 3,turn, dc evenly across

Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc evenly across

Row 3: ch 3, turn, dc into the same st and the 2 next sts, *FPtc into next st from dc round, BR into sts from dc round, FPtc into next st from dc round, dc into next 3 sts* repeat to end of row

Row 4: ch 1, turn, and sc in stitch and all evenly across

5-8: Repeat rows 3 & 4

Row 9: ch 3, turn, dc evenly across, break off and weave in ends

You can actually make the band wider if you wish and continue to repeat rows 3&4 until you reach the desired width. Or you could make it longer and turn it into a scarf if you want. The possibilities are endless, just don’t let the seeming difficulty of the stitch put you off because it’s really very easy once you get the hang of it.

Lots of Love,



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