Day 70 – Super Fun Flu Recovery Time

Hello Yearlings!

As much as I would love to have a super cool craft for you guys today, that’s just not where I am in life right now. I’m in flu time recovery mode and everything hurts. So I thought that I would put together a comprehensive list of my personal ways to get over sicknesses of all sorts. I find that most of these work for pretty much any ailment you might be suffering from.

1. Rest – this might seem like a totally ridiculous and redundant thing to say, but rest is incredibly important to recovery. I find this to be the hardest step on the road to recovery because I hate having idle hands. It never matters how sick I am, all I can think about is all of the things that I’m not getting done and that just stresses me out more and usually makes my sickness worse.

2. Distract your mind – I find this is the number one way that I manage to actually get rest. I’ll read a book or watch a bunch of movies. I need to keep my brain occupied so that I can’t stress myself out and make myself worse. When your mind is distracted your body doesn’t have to be involved and it can properly rest. Or just sleep for 12 hours straight like I did yesterday.

3. Indulge in the things that make you happy – this works if you’re recovering from the flu or even going through depression. Make yourself a list of things that you enjoy and keep them on hand for the times that you’re really down in the dumps. I’ve really been enjoying the show Over the Garden Wall, and I can toss it on any time and just sit back and enjoy it.

4. Tea – tea is the cure to all things. At least in my opinion it is. It never fails to cure what ails me even when I can’t eat solid food or get out of bed. It’s that one genuine comfort that makes me feel as though I’m making progress in my recovery, even if it’s entirely psychological.

5. Exercise – This is more a pointer for psychological recovery than for physical recovery. There is no way in hell I can recommend that you go for a fun if you’ve spent your entire morning puking, but if you’re going through a depression the exercise is a must. The harder something is to get out of bed for the more of an accomplishment it will feel like.

And when all other avenues of healing fail you Netflix will not. Sometimes all you need to do is binge watch an entire TV series and that’s ok. Just remember that when you’re on the road to recovery the best thing you can do is forgive yourself for all the other ten million things you’re not getting done. Having to heal isn’t the process of recovering from weakness, it’s the process of becoming strong again.

Lots of Love,



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