Day 67 – Special (A Poem for International Women’s Day)

Hello Yearlings!

Happy International Women’s Day! I was lucky enough to get to have brunch with all of my lovely lady friends this morning and they inspired me to write this poem. I’m going to preface it by telling you that I really hate what I call “Special Snowflake Syndrome”, which is whenever people think that they are just the most important life force to ever walk the face of the earth. I find that most people who suffer from this ailment need constant reminding of the fact that they are “special”, as though that word actually means something. In my short amount of years alive I’ve come to the small realization that people who attempt to quantify their personality in adjectives are usually small minded and unremarkable.

As Women’s Day is all about empowering women I decided that writing a poem about not limiting yourself, or allowing other to limit you, to a few small adjectives that put you in a box and describe you. You have a name. You are not a series of words from the minds of other people. There is nothing better in the world to describe all that you are better than your name, and to quote the brilliant mind of Dr. Seuss: “There is no one in the world more youer than you.”


Do not be special

Being special is a burden

It is a constant source of stress for you

And a constant source of entertainment for others

There is nothing good that ever comes from being special

It is a mask you must never allow yo slip

Once you become special it will consume you

It will be all that you are

It is a mirror image of all that you should be

You are not special

You should not seek to be

You are more

You have a name

Like the poets of yore declared in the courts of the Fairy Queens

To know your name is to have power over you

In your name resides all of the power you possess

A name is more than words, it is a title

It was given to you by those that created you

It is meant to describe everything that you are

If you don’t like it then change it

It’s yours

It is that which is you

Your name describes you in a way in which words utterly fail to

Words are the weapons of others to make you small

To define you by by the parameters they understand, when they cannot understand you

Words hold no sway over a name

A name holds sway over words

A name possesses all the words that describe you

But does not fall short as adjectives do against identity

You are not “special”

You are more

I hope that you take the ideas presented in this poem and carry them with you as a reminder to never limit yourself to the small imaginations of other people. It’s not important to be a special snowflake and there are plenty of people in the world that are “special”. Be empowered by the fact that your are more than most people will ever be able to understand.

Lots of Love,



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