Day 65 – Ethan’s Birthday at WinStar World Casino

Hello Yearlings!

Today is my friend Ethan’s birthday, and while normally I prefer to post a craft here on my blog it’s really all about “doing something” everyday and this most certainly counts. Ethan, having lived 25 years on this planet, decided that it was past time for him to go to his first casino and so we all escorted him to Oklahoma in his endeavor to correct this oversight. Traveling the hour plus in both directions turned out to actually be the fun part of the journey, especially the trip home. We sang Irish folk songs all the way back and had milkshakes.

It’s important to note that this is the largest casino in the world and it was near impossible to get a photo of its true magnitude.
Though it did have some very beautiful decorations all throughout. All of its areas were named after cities, and I believe that this was the “Rome Room”.
The Beijing Room was by far the flashiest of all the ceiling accoutrement, and where we spent the most of our time.

The experience of the casino itself was just as depressing as you might imagine. Mostly geriatrics hooked up to oxygen and penny slots. Though I will say that there was a surprising amount of younger people, usually in the form of roaming bands of frat boys on the lookout for babes: their natural prey. The tables were the most fun to be had, but as they were manned by humans instead of machines they were also the most hostile environment to be in. At one point one of the dealers actually picked up our friends chips and threw them at him because he didn’t like the way that they were arranged.

Going to the casino itself was, I feel, the most important part. Ethan needed to go and lose all of his money, and the rest of his friends who had also never been needed to know that it was not something that was enjoyable or to be repeated. I have no doubt that there are some casinos that are actually fun and can be enjoyable. But unless I suddenly wake up one day with a hankering to be engulfed in cigarette smoke and broken dreams, the betting tables aren’t for me.

Achievement Unlocked: went to a casino.

Lots of Love,



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