Day 64 – Office Revamp: Carrot Pen Cozy

Hello Yearlings!

As I might have mentioned recently, the weather where I live has been literally terrible. There’s been nothing but cloud cover, rain and snow for days. Today was actually the first day with some sun at all. During this time of darkness however, I was struck by how incredibly un-helpful my office environment was. It’s totally dark and closed off with no color and very little light. There is literally nothing of my personality in it.

Clearly this is not helping with the gloomy mood of the past several weeks, so I set out to change it little by little. Originally I was going to just go to the store and buy stuff for my office, but then it struck me that it would be a total waste when I’m already endeavoring to do something new and crafty every single day. I might as well utilize my crafty skills and make personalizing my work space a blog project.

I found this adorable pattern on Twinkie Chan’s site, and you can find the pattern here, and posted below.

The Ingredients.

With orange, ch 5 and sl st to 1st ch to form ring.

Work 5 sc into ring and continue to work sc evenly in a spiral, without joining rounds, until your tube is 4 inches long.

Then work [(2 sc) in next st, and 10 sc evenly] 3 times. Then [(2 sc) in next st, and 8 sc evenly] 2 times. At this point, you should have 10 sc around. If desired, you can now stuff a little extra orange yarn into this wider end of the carrot to fill out the shape. Then work sc2tog 5 times, sl st into next st, and break off. Sew up hole. Weave in ends. 
I used my crochet hook to give my cozy form while I weaved in the ends, so I had to take that out and actually put a pen in. Then I was done!


Orange worsted weight yarn

Green worsted weight yarn, I actually didn’t have any green yarn lying around so I didn’t make a carrot top

Size I crochet hook

Carrot Top

With green, ch 3 and sl st to 1st ch to form ring. [Ch 5, sk 1 ch, 1 sc, 1 sl st each in next 2 chs, then sl st into ring] 3 times. Break off leaving about 12 inches of yarn to sew Carrot Top to top of Carrot. Weave in all ends.

This was a ridiculously easy project that took me something like 15 minutes to do. I really want to make more of the vegetable pen cozies, but I will have to buy more yarn in the proper colors. I didn’t have any green yarn so ended up having a topless carrot.

Lots of Love,



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