Day 51 – Lemon Room Spray

Hello Yearlings! I don’t know what it is about lemon this week, but I am totally obsessed. I cannot get enough of it from the scent to the taste. So I figured why not make the whole house smell like it? I found a couple of recipes online for room spray cocktails and concoctions but each one of them seemed to be telling me something different. I did my best to take the gist of a lot of the knowledge and cobble together something that I feel really works for me.

The ingredients.
This project is literally as easy as just combining all of the ingredients into the spray bottle and giving it a light shake to mix everything up.
Take some washi tape, write the name of the scent on it and stick it to the bottle. Remember to give it a light shake right before every time you use it.


1/4 cup Water (not pictured)

1/4 tsp Everclear

1/4 tsp Lemon Essential Oil

1/4 tsp Unscented Dish Soap

1 small Plastic Spray Bottle

To be perfectly honest this project is totally experimental. I have no idea if it will work or even keep very well. That being said I love the scent and how gentle and clean it smells in my kitchen right now. There is literally nothing here to offend anyone. If you want more of the scent that just go ahead and add more drops of the essential oil to your hearts content and remember that this is your project, you don’t have to use the scent I use you can make it with whatever scent you want.

Side note: UV rays cause rapid breakdown so if you don’t have one of those metal spray bottles and have to use clear plastic, as I did, store your spray somewhere safe from sunlight otherwise you could end up with a spray bottle full of nasty.

Lots of Love,



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