Day 46 – Lemon Extract

Hello Yearlings!

I have been on a huge candy kick! Between my desire to eat it and my desire to make it it’s a small miracle I still have teeth after this week. Is it just me or is there something about magical about candy? Everything from the bright colors of boiled sweets to the rich textures of fine quality chocolate really just speaks to my soul. I decided today that I wanted to try looking at candy recipes and I came across what I read was an “easy hard candy” known as an Acid Drop.

Hard candies terrify me. Not in the sense that I shudder away from them, I will happily eat them, it’s just the idea of having to make them that is so off-putting. They’re a lot of work and for people who quaver at the notion of having to make caramel they’re an even deeper circle of hell.Sadly this will not be a harrowing tale of my first attempt at conquering the mighty armies of hard candy difficulty. Making up my mind to brave the hard crack stage and came to find that even having made up my mind to do it was no good; I didn’t have any lemon extract.

At this point it’s important to note that I was wearing my pajamas and it was something like 8 in the morning, so the likelihood of me getting dressed and getting out of the house just to buy lemon extract was literally zero. I was inspired to do something else entirely though: to make lemon extract. I did some online research and found that it was an incredibly easy task that only required materials I had on hand and the patience to wait 5-6 weeks to use it. Yes, weeks.

The ingredients.
I chose to soak my corks for about 5 or so minutes in some hot water to avoid the likelihood of breaking them or having them fall apart inside the bottles.
Zest your lemon and siphon the zest into your container. You could also just use the rind, but make extra sure that you don’t get any of the white pith because it imparts too bitter a flavor.
Measure out a 1/2 Cup of Vodka. It doesn’t have to be top shelf stuff, but you don’t want it to impart off or kerosene-esque flavors to your extract. Mid range stuff works best.
Funnel in the vodka on top of the lemon zest.
Then just shake it up to get everything moving and you’re done! Store it for 5-6 weeks before using, shaking every few days or so.


1/2 Cup Vodka

1 Jar, I used these really cute containers I found at the craft store but you can use a Mason jar if it’s what you have on hand

Zest of 1 Lemon

*Funnel, this is optional and I only had to use one because the bottles were so tiny

This was incredibly easy to do and I fully intend to do it with Vanilla one of these days so be looking for that. Now all I have to do it wait. Hopefully I will still have the same level of confidence in my hard candy making abilities 6 weeks from now and I will still be up for trying to make Acid/Lemon Drops!

Lots of Love,



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