Day 41 – Love Letter Hair Pin

Hello Yearlings!

I made this super cute hair pin in something like five minutes flat from super glue, a hair pin and a little bit of felt. It was so super easy and so incredibly cute that I’m considering making a much larger version and actually wearing it on Valentines Day. Or maybe as a brooch? So many options!

These are your “ingredients”.
Cut out your components to make the love letter.
Hot glue all the pieces together for the top of the pin.
Glue the pin to the dark grey felt to use as the back of the hair pin.
Then glue the top of the letter to the hair pin and the back.
And you’re done! All you have to do is put it in your boyfriends hair and make him model it for you.


Hot Glue Gun

Felt (red, tan and dark grey)

Hair Pin

This is literally something you could do as an afterthought on the morning of Valentines just to have a bit of romantic flare in your hair, or your beard as Alex later demonstrated to me. It’s just so cute and simple without being too over the top and Valentines-y. You could easily do it with dark colors or make it a bleeding heart to make it anti-Valentines!

Lots of Love,



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