Day 34 – Valentines Day Card

Hello Yearlings!

I am going to take this moment to warn you all that I absolutely love Valentines Day. Before you balk, no I do not ascribe to the lovey-dovey Hallmark fueled ethos. I simply love the imagery that the holiday evokes from vintage Valentines Cards to heart shaped garlands. I don’t really need an excuse to cover the house in pretty pastel colors, hearts and candy (all the same reasons I love Easter mind you) but Valentines makes for the perfect one.

If you are not a fan of the holiday, find it a marathon of crap or just hate the color pink then this blog is not going to be the place for you for the next month or so. I’m obsessed and having a craft blog is turning out to be the perfect outlet for said obsession. I will do my best to make roughly as many Anti-Valentines things as I do regular Valentines things, so don’t worry there will be something for you here. Just so long as you’re patient enough to put up with all the other “consumer driven crap” I’ll be posting as well. If it’s any consolation I’m totally with you. I think the holiday is crap, I just like the decorations.

Take a regular piece of card stock (8.5×11) and cut it in half.
Fold one of the halves in half again widthwise.
On the inside of the card, the side that won’t show, trace the pattern of a box slightly smaller than the whole of the front of the card.
Cut along the lines to create a window.
Next decide what kind of paper you want to use for the inside. I’m using a piece of scrap book paper from a stack I’ve had lying around for half an age.
Cut some hearts out of that paper. I chose not to make all of mine perfectly regular as I thought it’d be cuter if there were some irregularity to them. It makes it look more homemade.
Next cut a short length of embroidery thread. This is really no more than a few centimeters.
Separate the threads into three pairs of strands (2 threads per heart) and tape one end of the thread to the heart and one end to the card.
As you can see I chose to vary up my thread lengths a lot to give it versatility. You want the hearts to hang in such a way that they look as though you’re almost seeing them through a window.
Then you glue on some of the same paper you used to make the hearts, wrong side facing out, in such a way that it fits inside the parameters of your card whenever it’s folded closed. This doesn’t make sense now, but it will when you make the card.
And voila! You now have a beautiful handmade card on which you can pen beautiful notes to your beloved.

These cards were a breeze to make, and if it hadn’t been for Robert Downey Jr distracting me with his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes I would’ve been done a lot sooner. Homemade cards are a wonderful whimsical way to show someone that you care with a little innovation. Hallmark has the market cornered, so why give them any more business?

Lots of Love,



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