Day 31 – T-Shirt Tote Bag

Hello Yearlings!

I have roughly a million old T-shirts sitting around my house and instead of throwing them out, I decided to make something with them. Most of them are a bit large on me or so old that they really shouldn’t be worn in public. The one I used today was something like 10 years old and never actually worn. I figured that after ten years, if I haven’t worn it yet I probably won’t so I might as well turn it into something cool.

I finally decided on making a re-usable bag. My friend Ella actually has turned me onto the idea of giving up something per month that I usually consume heavily. Plastic bags seemed like the perfect thing to give up. I actually have a crocheted market bag that I love to use, but I’ve only got the one and sometimes I need more than that.

Take a T-shirt that you have lying around, preferably one you don’t really want to wear again.
Cut off the sleeves and the collar.
Next pin where you want the end of your bag to be, and sew it in place.
Then cut off all of the excess fabric. You can toss it or maybe hold onto it for another project.
Ta da! You have a new re-usable tote bag!


1 Old T-shirt, preferably made of soft knit Jersey

Sewing Machine, preferably with thread


Rotary cutter, you can use scissors

This was a ridiculously easy project. I think it took me like ten minutes in total, and with more experience I could probably learn to do it in 5. This is a really amazing way to re-use and recycle things that you already have in my house. If you’re opposed to using plastic bags then this tutorial is most assuredly for you.

Lots of Love,



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