Day 30 – Knife Sharpening ( A How To From Alex)

Hello Yearlings!

I know that life how-to’s are not very exciting or fun, but they’re valuable life skills and seeing as this was all stuff that I set out to do during the first of the year I’m happy it’s getting done. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it. Regular maintenance, especially of your kitchen equipment, is very important. Sharp knives are a must if you basically spend any time in the kitchen whatsoever.

Knife sharpening is surprisingly easy and basic, and the only bit of special equipment that you need is a sharpening stone. We bought ours off of Amazon, and they vary and price and quality based on what you need it to do and how much traffic it will see. Clearly, our knives see a lot of traffic so we needed something that could take the abuse.

Soak your stone for a minimum of half an hour. You see the bubbles? You want them to either slow or stop completely.
Then take the stone out of the water, and set yourself up a station much like this. There’s a towel on a silicon mat with a glass of water, to continue dousing the stone.
When you’re sharpening your stone you want to start about here.
And end about here. You want to repeat this process about 10 times in each side of the blade for however many times you need to get the desired sharpness.
Don’t forget to wipe the blade in between sharpening the sides. This keeps everything nice and clean.

This is an incredibly easy thing that you can do to extend the life of your blades. It’s absolutely necessary, especially if you’re a fan of cooking like we are. This doesn’t take more than an hour of your time and the results are really worth it.

Lots of Love,



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