Day 29 – The Boy With The Tape Player Brain

Hello Yearlings!

This is my first attempt at anything resembling flash fiction. I’ve never been very good at limiting myself when it comes to my writing, so I made a conscious effort to see if I could, thus this story was born. I know that writing isn’t as much fun as seeing me crochet or season cast iron pans, but it makes me happy and it feeds my soul so I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy!

The Boy With The Tape Player Brain

“I’m done!” she screams.

The door slams.

She’s gone.

He rewinds the tape. He sees it: the moment. He knows he should have made it better. He doesn’t know why he didn’t. She’s gone now. ‘Sarah,’ he thinks. ‘Her name was Sarah, and I loved her.’ He reviews his archives. There had been other tapes before: Lucy, Shelby, Miranda, but none of those tapes were like Sarah. When Sarah came along he had re-written and recorded over many moments in his life. He searched the archives again.

2 months: nothing.

5 months: nothing.

7 months: nothing.

It’s not like there was another tape that had caught his interest, and he hadn’t stopped loving Sarah. He had just stopped recording, and because of this she was gone. He rewound the tape again trying to find the last time she had smiled at him. A birthday, almost a year ago. He stood there in the last moments of Sarah. He was sad. He didn’t know if this was the end of her tape. He didn’t know if he wanted it to be the end. He didn’t know if there would ever be another tape again. He looked at himself in the foyer mirror and contemplated all of the things he did not know. They were numerous.

He did know one thing.

He knew who he was.

He was Dom.

The boy with the tape player brain.

Lots of Love,



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