Day 28 – Seasoning Cast Iron (A How To from Alex)

Hello Yearlings!

Today I was stumped for something to for the blog, so I decided to turn to my boyfriend for some advice. I think that he might have been Amish in a past life, because he as a sense of pragmatism that has been bred into his bones. He saw the opportunity to teach a “life skill” as he calls them, and decided to teach me (and by proxy you) how to season cast iron.

Now, I’m a proper southern lady so I have a very rough estimate of how one does season a cast iron item, but I have since learned that my approximate knowledge was both limited and totally useless. I’ve only ever seen people season things from a distance, and usually with butter. Apparently this is the “lazy” way of doing it and requires more work over time, because you have to keep re-seasoning the pans. You want them unsaturated fats when you’re seasoning your pans.

How the pan started.
Step 1: Rinse out any excess stuff you might have in your pan. Drain the water, or towel dry if you wish
Step 2: Take a hefty amount of kosher, or very coarse, salt and a paper towel and scrub. You’re trying to get off any layers or crud on the very top of the cast iron so that the fats can be applied evenly. Once you’re done rinse out the salt and then towel dry again. Make sure it’s very dry.


These are the fats I used.
Step 3: Add about a tablespoon or so of Avocado oil and, once again using a clean paper towel, wipe it all around the surface of the pan. Do not forget the edges! You can also season the outside of the pan if you wish. 



Step 4: Place into a preheated 450 degree (F) oven. Let it sit for 30 minutes at this temperature. 
Step 5: Take it out and let it cool slightly, without getting cold. Then repeat the process outlined in steps 3 and 4, but with an equivalent amount of Crisco. 
Step 6: Repeat step 5, but mix the Crisco and Avocado oil half and half. Then turn off the oven and allow the pans to cool in the oven. 

Once you’ve done these steps you will have a properly seasoned cast iron pan! You can show them to your friends and make them all jealous. Just kidding, they probably won’t care, but it will make your life a little better. The point of seasoning a pan is to fill the microscopic ridges in the pans surface so that get a smoother surface area that is non-stick. So, basically, science is making your life easier. Cool huh?

Lots of Love,



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