Day 14 – Clay Crochet Handle

Hello Yearlings!

So, as you might have noticed, I’ve been spending a lot of time crocheting this week. I spend a lot of time crocheting just in general. Yesterday I used my bamboo handled crochet hook, which has easily become my favorite hook to use (I even bought a second one in a size G hook). I like how it sits in my hand and how it feels less unnatural. I also find that I can use it for a lot longer than I can other normal hooks which are small, all metal and lack all flexibility.

I figured that I might try my hand at making a handled crochet hook, but as I do not have a supply of bamboo on hand or a way to bond it to my crochet hooks I figured I might try clay instead. I wasn’t really sure how well this would work out or if it would bond to the metal at all. I recommend manipulating the clay extensively before you put it on the crochet hook otherwise it will be much too stiff. I also wasn’t sure if it was safe to use oven setting clay on metal but it all seems to have turned out alright.

My inspiration



I only used about half of my brick:


Then I rolled it into a gigantic worm shape:


Then I wrapped it around the hook:


I didn’t want it to go flat from the cooking so I made a contraption with my cooling rack so it could set in the air:


Finished product:

IMG_4132    It fits very well in my hands and it very comfortable:



FIMO Soft clay in 0 (white)

5.5mm (I) Crochet Hook

Whatever you have on hand to help you roll it out

Cooling Rack, to help it sit up while its baking (optional)

If I was doing this all over again I might have used a different type of clay, perhaps one that air dries to save myself from having to worry about what the heat would do to metal. I would also be a lot less timid with the color. White is a safe bet and its great for helping me to see all the things that I might have done wrong but it’s not very indicative of my personality. Next time I’m going with a bright garish color.

Lots of Love,



2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Clay Crochet Handle

    1. It makes it considerably more enjoyable to hold. They’re especially good for long projects because they don’t wear on your hands quite so much. It also feels a lot more natural when you use them because of the way that they sit in your hand.

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