Day 8 – Coffee Cup Cozee Pt. 2

Hello Yearlings!

As I said yesterday, the focus of the blog today was going to be coffee cup cozee’s and their embellishments. Upon revisiting the initial pattern I found that adding an extra couple of stitches to the base, and not making everything quite so tight, really gave me the exact effect I desired. The coffee cup cozee was the perfect size for both my coffee cup and whatever bells and whistles I wanted to add.

Once again I used a good solid cotton thread, but unlike my Sugar ‘n Cream I’ve had this particular ball of yarn for so long that I cannot remember where it came from (Bernat maybe?), what it was called or how long I’ve had it. It’s great for making really autumnal things. It just looks like fall in cotton form and I’m in love with it and glad that it’s lasted me so long. It’s an ombre, it’s gorgeous and I love it. Moving on!

In case you have forgotten, this is the original pattern:

Usinge an H crochet hook, chain 26 with color A. Being careful not to twist, join with a slip stitch in beginning chain to form a ring.
Round 1: Single crochet in each chain around; join with slip stitch in beginning stitch – 25 stitches.
Round 2: Single crochet in each stitch around; join with slip stitch in beginning stitch.
Round 3: Work 2 single crochet in first stitch, single crochet in each remaining stitch around; join with slip stitch in beginning stitch – 26 stitches.
Change to color B.
Rounds 4 and 5: With B, repeat Round 2.
Round 6: With B, repeat Round 3 – 27 stitches.
Change to A.
Rounds 7-9: With A, repeat Round 2.
Fasten off. FINISHING
Weave in ends.

*Remember I added two extra chains to the initial row of stitch’s, so I’m starting with a base of 28 instead of 26

Also, just as a warning that I learned from my own mistakes, don’t make your stitches too tight! I know it seems appealing because it gives greater structure and it feels more sturdy, but it will make your cozee come out tiny and then it’ll basically be useless.

The cozee I crochet’d yesterday was based on the pattern of an owl coffee cup cozee I had seen on pinterest, so I figured I would follow through and make it look like an owl, but in my own way. You can find that pattern here.

I added the beak and the eyes, but my camera died before I could get a picture of them so all I have is  a picture of the cozee with the beak on. I will come back and post pictures of the finished product tomorrow.

The cozee with the beak on

 The second cozee that I made, I added a crocheted leaf to. Or rather it would be a crocheted leaf if I knew how to crochet a leaf, currently all I have is a guestimation and it didn’t quite turn out how I would have liked but it’s got a lot of character and it really accentuates the “Fall” theme I was going for.

This is the base cozee
This is my attempt at crocheting a leaf. Try not to laugh.

Again, none of these projects took a particularly long amount of time which is nice. You just have to have the know how, a little bit of yarn and a crochet hook. Hope you guys like it, and feel free to tell me any suggestions or thoughts you might have.

Lots of Love,



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