Day 6 – Tea Time Bunting

Hello Yearlings!

I love all things whimsical, so it’s no real surprise that I love Alice in Wonderland. I love it in the Lewis Carol sort of way, not the Johnny Depp, Tim Burton kind of way. I’ve been trying to think of a simple way to incorporate my love for Carol’s classic into projects for my blog. I certainly hit the nail on the head, and I even had a little help doing it.

I found this fantastic book that gave me the idea
Inside were these instructions for how to do tea party invitations, but instead of going that route I took the template and decided to turn them into bunting
If you do not have a light box at your disposal just place your template and whatever you wish to put it on against your window
I traced three of each
Then you’re all set to cut them out using your exacto knife
When you’re done cutting them out they should look like this
Then go ahead and figure out the spacing that you will need for the bunting to sit how you want
I use these bad boys to secure them to the ribbon so that they don’t flop around all over the place
On you’ve got everything in place, glue it and you’re done
This is a close up of how it all came out, I kept mine white with pink ribbon because I like the simplicity of it
You can even string them across the Christmas tree that your roommate refuses to take down

All in all it was very simple, and I really enjoyed the project as a whole. It didn’t take me too long, and it would’ve been even less time if I hadn’t had to go to work. I think at most it took about an hour and that includes the run to the craft store to pick up pink ribbon.


Exacto knife

Card stock


Glue Dots

A copy of Everything Alice (Optional)

To make my templates I traced a pre-existing template in the back then scanned it into my computer and blew it up until it was about the right size, then I printed it out and used that. It’s a could extra steps of work, but I’m not really a natural born drawer so it worked out best for me.

If you have any questions feel free to just ask!

Lots of Love,



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